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Keynote speakers

The congress hosts six one hour keynote lectures covering neuroinformatics topics ranging from synaptic nanomachines through digital age perspective of neuro-research to brain-robot function translations.

Mark H. Ellisman 

University of San Diego, USA

Title: Brain Research in the Digital Age

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David Van Essen 

Washington University, St. Louis, USA

Title: A neuroinformatics perspective on cerebral cortical structure and function

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Mitsuo Kawato

ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs, Japan

Title: Towards Manipulative Neuorscience based on Brain-Network-Interface

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Mary B. Kennedy

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA

Title: Synaptic Nanomachines

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Henry Markram 

Brain Mind Institute, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Title: The Blue Brain Project

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Idan Segev 

Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

Title: Towards an Objective Analysis of the Firing Variability of Cortical Neurons

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