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Norra Latin, Stockholm City Conference Center

Norra Latin is situated in the very center of Stockholm, between one of the main shopping streets, Drottninggatan, and the newly redesigned square Norra Bantorget. Norra Latin was inaugurated in the autumn of 1880 in the presence of King Oscar II and the archbishop. For more than a hundred years the building functioned as a school and trained many students in the classics. At first it was a boys' school, but in 1961 girls gained admittance too. In the 1960s ballet lessons were introduced in which famous names such as Anneli Alhanko participated. Following the renovation, Norra Latin was inaugurated anew in 1989 and has since functioned as a conference center. During 2004-2005 Norra Latin went through another full renovation.

The building was designed by the architect Helgo Zettervall in the renaissance style of Flanking the central stairway are two atriums with glass ceilings. The former gym hall is today known as the Pillar Hall and is one of the largest rooms in the building. The Auditorium still features the original thirteen-part organ. This has been repaired and was inaugurated again on 24 August 1997.

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Norra Latin facts:
Address: Drottninggatan 71b
Rooms: 30
Largest room: 400 pers
Smallest room: 12 pers


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