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Alan Evans - Bio-sketch

Dr. Evans is currently the director of the Montreal Consortium for Brain Imaging Research (MCBIR), a $35M multi-center initiative to network the BIC with 6 other institutions engaged in research in psychiatry, neurology, development and aging, cognitive neuroscience, brain development and drug addiction and large-scale brain data processing.

MCBIR provides the BIC with state-of-the-art equipment for human (MRI/PET/MEG) and animal (MRI/PET) studies as well as extensive computational resources.

Dr. Evans heads the data coordinating center for a large NIH-funded multi-center MRI study of normal pediatric development. This project provides a web-accessible reference database of normal maturation, both neuroanatomical and behavioral, for studies of normal and abnormal brain development. The methodologies developed for that project, most notably (i) the web-based imaging/behavioral database, (ii) the automated MRI segmentation pipeline, and (iii) the brain-behavior correlation analysis for voxel-based (volumetric) or vertex-based (surface) data, are being used in a series of international collaborations on abnormal pediatric development and Alzheimer’s disease.

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