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Katrin Amunts - Bio-sketch

Katrin Amunts’ research is focused on the first probabilistic, cytoarchitectonic atlas of the human brain, together with Karl Zilles.

She has generated „probability maps“ of cortical areas, nuclei and fiber tracts, and is interested in atlasing and multimodal mapping (e.g., combination of cytoarchitectonic maps with receptorarchitecture, functional imaging of language and visual processing). Her studies include quantitative cytoarchitecture as well as the application and development of methods for deformation-field based morphometry in order to understand structural changes in neurological and psychiatric disorders as well as during aging. Katrin Amunts is currently professor for structural-functional brain mapping at RWTH Aachen University, Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, and the INB-3, Medicine of the Research Center Juelich. She is editor of /Neuroimage/, and member of the council of the /Organization of Human Brain Mapping/.

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